Everyone loves baby shoes. They are tiny, they are cute, and they make you feel like you have the warm squishies inside… but really any shoe you put on your child’s foot before they start walking around (unassisted or not) isn’t really a shoe. I think of them as foot decorations. However, that’s not really the point to this post. I love baby shoes, but I did not have a purpose for them until the little man started standing up and wanting to walk. For my case, I started becoming concerned when he wanted to walk on his own. I’m sure other moms worry the minute their child goes off to daycare at 3 months old or when they start pulling themselves up on furniture around 6 or 7 months or later.

Enter the early walker shoe. These shoes are designed prevent inhibition of a baby’s initial steps by feeling most like bare feet. Most are made of a type of leather and are soft and very flexible. You’ll find shoes like Stride Rite, Robeez, and pediped. These shoes aren’t cheap either, some running around $50 a pair.


Take a look at these. The pair on the left is a little larger and shows more wear than the smaller pair on the right. Both look very similar otherwise. The pair on the right was not worn as often because the little man wasn’t walking nearly as much when he fit those shoes. They are pedipeds. He loves wearing the shoes on the left. They were purchased on sale for $7 (regular $12.99) at Target. For a shoe that I wasn’t expecting to last longer than our week-long vacation across the country, 3 months later they are still going strong. I wish I hadn’t spent the money for those other shoes even though I got them for a deal from Zulily.

I’m not saying that you can’t go out and buy the best most expensive shoes for your baby as they are learning to walk. Just know that you have options out there. I was a skeptic at first because although I love Target and all things that come out of that store, I wasn’t quite sure about the quality of something that was so inexpensive. I went for it because I like to try to save every penny I can (and with apps like Cartwheel and a Target debit card -5% off woohoo!) and I figured shoes were something that he would either not wear often or outgrow too quickly. I’m glad I made the leap. It was worth it.