Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Although it is October 25th and the month is nearly over, I want to remind you that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Usually the surge of activity and awareness happens at the beginning of October and tapers off towards the end of the month and eventually gets forgotten as Halloween approaches and the excitement for upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas grows. Today seems an appropriate day to remind people about such an event for awareness, the 25th of the month. It was in fact 25 years ago that NBCAM was begun.

Awareness for this particular type of cancer strikes close to home for me. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. She has survived both times, and while she isn’t as fond of the activism for awareness that most cancer survivors have, I am one to push myself and others to be aware of the disease and to do what they can to support research and early detection testing. Women (and men- it can happen to you too) PLEASE please do your monthly self exams. Pick a day each month and just do it. One of the local news stations here does Buddy Check 12 and reminds viewers on the 12th day of every month to do their self breast exam. I signed up for the monthly reminders. It helps. Because my mom was diagnosed in her 30’s, my doctors have been very encouraging about early mammograms and screening. I even had my first mammogram done earlier this year. It is best now to know what is normal for me so that in the future my doctor’s can see more easily any abnormalities or changes to my breasts. I encourage you to do the same, even if you don’t have a close family member who has had breast cancer. Know yourself, and don’t be shy.

Additionally, the American Cancer Society has an encouraging article here that also has other links to statistics and information about breast cancer.

So there you have it, my encouragement to you to raise your awareness, educate yourself about breast cancer, and do your part for early detection and prevention.

Happy October! 


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