My boss has this thing where she goes around to some of our offices and draws T-Rex doing something crazy on our whiteboards. One I remember is poor T-Rex trying to make the covers on a bed. When classes started up this fall, she found out she was pregnant. She and her husband found out they are having a girl and are decorating her nursery with a cute dinosaur mural.

I missed out on posing the little man in a cutesy crocheted hat in his newborn pictures, but I remembered seeing dinosaur hats and one of my other friends even sells some. I figured they couldn’t be that difficult to make, and since I’ve been giving crochet a try I thought I would make one for my boss for when her daughter is born. I did a quick google search and found this blog that had a simple pattern to make a dinosaur hat. I surprised myself and finished this in less than a week, but really it only took me maybe 3 hours tops to do all the crochet-work and then attached the spines to the hat and cape. Not bad for a beginner!! I just gave the hat to my boss this week. I can’t wait to see pictures of it on her little girl!